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Tree Services: Alex Douvos Tree Surgeons Tree Surgery & Tree Work Wiltshire

Alex Douvos Tree Surgeons provide high quality workmanship with guaranteed results in both rural and urban settings. As our Company name reflects, we are equipped to undertake the aerial dismantling, shaping and/or reductions of larger trees by operating chainsaws from the rope and harness, allowing us to access the canopy directly. Whatever the project aim, from aesthetics to repair, to total removal, large trees or small, all of our work is carried out to the very highest professional arboricultural UK standards.

Trees that are located within confined spaces, difficult terrain, or require extreme access, all are well within our expert capabilities.

We deal with all aspects of tree surgery, arboriculture and forestry management. If required, we can provide a 24 hour emergency call out service, disease diagnostics and control therapy, cable bracing, tree planting, stump grinding, and hedge cutting services. Complete clearance of all debris is standard. Alex Douvos Tree Surgeons are proficient in both the private (domestic) & commercial sectors of the industry providing risk assessments and insurance surveys as & when required.

Alex Douvos Tree Surgeons ~ freephone 0800 511 83 80 ~ 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Available