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One of the properties we look after is a lovely residence in Bath owned by the Salvation Army, and every few years we take care of the trees and some larger items which are a bit much for the gardener.  In 2014, as well as other items we reduced a large Maple which was growing very high and encroaching on the neighbour’s property with excellent results:

“Alex Douvos and his team returned to us for the second time, after 3 years.  Every tree he has cut, trimmed and maintained has been done expertly.  The greatest characteristic in his work is the shape he leaves each one in.  They always look entirely natural, with the outline shape balanced and harmonious.  This most recent time, a large tree had overgrown, and as it was adjacent to an 8 ft wall on a slope, the overgrowth from height and roots was potentially dangerous.  A substantial amount had to be removed, but he has done it so skilfully – removing most of it where it was out of the line of vision, that even immediately afterwards it still looked lovely.  The lower branches, full of fresh leaves, are particularly pleasing.  Another tree, which was growing too near the house, has been significantly reduced, but so well that it looks as if that is its proper shape and height!

“Alex Douvos and his team are also efficient, tidy, reliable (with good communication), and very fair.  I recommend them highly.”  -Ruth, Bath