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Tree Surgery in Malmesbury, Wiltshire

After hearing  an interview I did with Marie Lennon for BBC Radio Wiltshire, Caroline and Tony in Malmesbury rang me up to bring their pretty birch tree down to an appropriate size for the garden.  The trick here was to bring the overgrown tops down without damaging the delicate lower branches so we could still have a place for the bird feeders, and it worked out well:

“I would just like to say again how pleased we are with the look and shape of the Birch tree following you lowering the overall height to a much more manageable level and trimming into shape.  You were very sympathetic to my request to leave lower level branches fairly undisturbed so that our lovely garden bird visitors would be disrupted as little as possible and have plenty of places to perch when visiting to various feeders.  Every piece of debris was removed and everything was put back in its place, in fact you would not know anyone had been there in the garden at all.  A job certainly very well done!

“To conclude, we would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone, for excellent workmanship and value for money, the job came in much less than we expected it would, so we are happy customers.”  -Caroline and Tony, Malmesbury