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Tree Surgery in Bratton near Westbury, Wiltshire

In the winter of 2013 we received a call about a large Willow tree by a roadside in Bratton which had shed several large limbs toward our client’s field and the fear was that it would shed more onto the rather busy country lane.  The job therefore was to cut the long fast growing  limbs back to the main trunk (pollard) and let it start again.  We left several of the failed limbs as a screen between the field and road until new vegetation fills the gap created.  The hundred-plus year old Willow can remain an impressive feature for many more years.

“We had a huge overgrown Willow that hung dangerously over a road and needed to be pollarded.  Alex and his team did a great job.  They were efficient, timely, and cleared the tree in a safe and professional way.  I would recommend their work to anyone.”  -Phil, Bratton