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Aerial Photography: Alex Douvos Tree Surgeons High Viewpoint Photography and Wildlife

We’re offering aerial photography without the massive expense of an aeroplane

Alex Douvos Tree Surgeons are now offering a photography service as we’re often in high inaccessible areas and can obtain views of either clients houses or their immediate surrounding areas they would otherwise never see, We’re offering an aerial photography service, our print services are between £75.00 ~ £170.00 per photo, with the end result being framed if required.  Naturally price will depend on physical climb, height of tree and vantage point, materials required & size of print etc.

Pricing figures are provided as a guide-line only as personal requirements & physical conditions vary.  Every picture is an individual window in time from an otherwise unseen angle & location.  Tastes & requirements vary, though we can always guarantee customer satisfaction with this exclusive & unique service.

Capture your property & surroundings with ADTS aerial photography.